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Welcome to The CHANI Project Conspiracy Forums Portal Site. This is where we keep up to date with the Latest Conspiracy Forum News. The agendas of The Powers That Be (TPTB). The New World Order (NWO) and  Illuminati. Insider information and Whistle-blowers.

The CHANI Forum offers the opportunity for new and old comers, to the conspiracy forums scene, to interact with some of the most prominent and high profile conspiracy theorists out there.

As a forum owner and admin, I am proud of all our Members, contributors and moderators. At CHANI we encourage a friendly, polite, civil and a supportive forum. Members can feel safe to discuss and share their views without fear of being ridiculed, trolled or flamed. Most of our members have been through the conspiracy forums purge of joining and being members of other forums only to be let down by the forum politics and dramas of their owners, their moderators, rudeness and childish behavior of members.

At CHANI we do things differently. We proud ourselves on having intellectual and civil discussions on a variety of topics that falls within the online conspiracy community.  Topics like Spirituality, Awakening, Ascension, Channeling.  Our Spiritual, Physical and Alien Ancestry. UFO’s, Abduction and other Extra-Terrestrial related issues and events. Politics and Economy.

Conspiracy Forums Chat Room

We also offer a live voice and text chat room. Users have the choice to use the voice option to discuss topics they want among the other members in the room, or you can sit back and just listen to the other speakers. The Text chat is integrated with the Voice chat so while some members are speaking you can use the text option to chat and interact with the Speakers and others in the room. It’s really a fun way to meet other regulars of the CHANI forum and conspiracy theory enthusiast around the Globe.

I invite You to visit our Forum and see the difference for yourself.

Please Click Here To Enter The CHANI Project Forum

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Acolyte /Proud CHANI Forum Owner

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